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Urszula Zimmer
tel. 510 433 502
tel. 603 097 709
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18 sierpie 2015 Miot I - Luna, Lady, Lukrecja, Leo

ChPl Kolumb Azgard x Olivia Love Me FCI


29.06.2014 Bracco Italiano litter F

HJCh Paggio Compatriota Di Bonfini x ChPl Mirella Freni Delor De Ferrabouc

Ferdynand living in Poland

Feliks living in Poland

Figaro living in Poland

Fiona living in Poland

Figa living in Poland

Finezja living in Poland

Fortuna stays with us in kennel

Felicja living in Poland

There are no translations available.

15.01.2014 Basset Hound Miot C

Nhabira Jackaro x Brenda Eldorado Nefer


13.05.2013 Bracco Italiano Miot I ( 2 males i 5 females)

HJCh Paggio Compatriotta Di Bonfini X ChPl Mirella Freni Delor De Ferrabouc

Imbir living in Poland

Iks living in Denmark

Ibiza living in Norway

Idylla living in Poland

Iga living in U.K.

Intryga living in Poland

Ikebana living in Poland

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